Subterranean Blue Poetry


Ava Bird

good neighbors

by Ava Bird

mostly peaceful

quiet old building

earthquake worn

neighbor disabled

from war

SSI plus disability checks

leave little left

he plays music

for change

on our corner

and dresses up

as a clown

blowing up balloons

twisty-shaped into animals

for the kids

at the park, market, fairs

often he borrows

small sums of cash

5, 10, 15, 20 dollars

always an emergency

always pays back in good time

always money slid under my front door crack

at surprising moments

i see cash on the floor

under the door

once when i was sick

he thoughtfully brought

vegan hemp brownie balls

frayed package but still good

he dumpster dove

from the healthfood store downtown

left it in my shoe

outside my door

today he slid

the $15

from last week

under the door

two 5's and 5 ones

paperclipped together

with a colorful

carefully handwritten note

intricately drawn smiley faces

with a bubble

'thanks for being a good neighbor'

Winter knocks

by Ava Bird

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Well, we’re witnesses to strange beings

We want to talk to you

About a few things

See, we’re here to save you!

Its in the scriptures

There are demons out there

On nuclear plants

Though I still plant seeds

Sing in circles and tipis

And sing to earth mother

And pray for the stars

To shine upon us.

Knock knock!

Who’s there?

Well, we’re missionaries

& we’re here to save you

With scriptures and dooms to hell

And virgins in heaven

I want to come in and save you!

In the living room

Over ancient ways

To heaven and hell

And secret sunday school meetings

teasings over dresses

and alcoholics addicted

to bitches and crosses

& pricks preaching fables

& ways of the past

Please pass the plate

Last chance to heaven

Hall pass to help others over.

Knock, knock!

Who’s there?

Well, I am your neighbor

And live in the laundry room

part time

I lost my ways in the factory maze

the slave wage traffic jams

And road rages to feed the birds in factory cages,

dirty diapers asses and thighs slipping thru ketchup

And praying to dead sages,

collapse on a cheap mattress

dirty finger nails scraping Kentucky fried pigeon

and wondering why

the military lies about bombs

& unidentified flying I don’t knows

but I still try

to keep the third eye alive

prayer slips

by Ava Bird

tough teenage years

moms mandatory prayer meetings

we bring friends and giggle

dreaded monday

bible study night

almost over, thank god

they ask:

fill out this slip of paper with your personal problem prayer request and put it in this bowl.

we'll mix up the bowl & you don't have to put your name on it,

then we'll go around the room and share,

picking someone else's problem & praying for them!

paranoid teenager,

i throw in a blank piece of paper

quickly into the bowl

we go around the room and pick some prayers

someone picks the blank piece of paper

"oh look, someone doesnt have any problems!"

everyone laughs

im nervous

no one knows


my best friend

and she laughed

really hard

the pledge

by Ava Bird

i pledge allegience

to the lotus flower

from mother earth i stand

with good intention

for peace and justice for all,


but please

just stay the fuck off my land sir,

out of my ovaries and sacred underwear,

time to wash thy temple,

sage the fuck out of here,

clearing the chakras like crazy

chemtrails and pricks sticking poisons

time to fly bitch

time to die into a new beginnings,

beginners mind again

now again

leafy greens

with liberty and justice for all

and please




Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2012