Subterranean Blue Poetry


Tadeo Seguin


by Tadeo Seguin

what sounds!

these echoes rolling

from her tongue

her rhythmic lips

cut and mold

the flowing stream

melodies linger

until the next

comes lapping

on my mind

the touch of blue

that drink my ears,

the shores

her lips caress

Fissured Shell

By Tadeo Seguin

a passing scent

lights bygone scenes

of a past enclosed

within a fissured shell

the light it throws

into my eyes

steals my present,

fading moments

always drifting


never pausing

for my grasping hands

fragmented sounds

words lost

from careless mouths

bring visions

of my future

my future

waiting for the present

to reach and pass

and wither away

a flower’s scent


my disembodied past

to steal once more

my present

from my eyes

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2012