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Book Review for The Girl With the Letter Flower:

Subterranean Blue Poetry

Volume IV Issue X

Of once again

by Orlando Murcia

I kissed the wing of your shoulder,

right before I slipped away into a trance of


The softness of your skin is like a fountain of


waving through a stream..

While your scent…

is like a meadow of pastures being poured inside a

bouquet of waterfalls

I love how your eyes resemble owls

during serenaded midnight

The elegance,

of your enchanted beak that blow kisses from your

wind of fair odyssey…

How you slumber inside of my thoughts as I portray

you through musical baptisms of summers eve…

...seeking the road to your jasmine dawn…

...under your knitted wall of daily bread…

My torch from autumns window…

How I love the little things that sail through your

unforgotten region

You wound me,

when you say "Sweet dreams" or

"Until tomorrow my love"

For you know I watch you drift away until the


And greet you buenos dia when you sunrise into

the arms of mis labios…

My beautiful girl…

You will never catch me sleeping when you


The sun and I…

We are the same..

Though I say I fade into a trance of drowning…

What I really mean is…

That I will endure these thorns of longing, until you

return from the abyss…

...of your promised once again

Subterranean Blue Poetry

© 2016