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This is a New Age book on discernment in love and marriage by Rebecca Anne Banks.

These writings are based on World Peace Newsletters from Tea at Tympani Lane records and have been expanded. We live in a highly conflicted time of violence and change. This book is a guide to modern romance, the cultural/political/ Spirit rules of love. Ideally, according to the Holy Spirit, we were meant to be married to our Starcrossed Lover on a Sign from God, by the age of 18 years old, to last until death do us part. This marriage bond to your Starcrossed or most suited Lover creates peace in the Community and peace in the world. What happened to love in the morphing from the Agricultural Society to the Industrial Society to the Computerized Society? As the ideal building block of peace in the Community happy covenant marriages could heal this Society with happier families, better raised children, stronger communities, less violence, less suicide, less murder, less mental patients, less drug addicts and alcoholics, less street people, less prison house people and relieve pressure on the health and welfare system. This book is also a practical guide to finding the perfect lover. Love in happy covenant marriages, a dance with life as the Spirit intended.

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