Subterranean Blue Poetry

"for those subterranean blues"


Poetry: Send your best original word synergies.

                                   Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!

* Send a short Cover letter with recent achievements, awards, events, association memberships and URL (optional).

* Send 3 poems with a small Biography (about 75 words). Each poem may be accompanied with a photo (.jpg), either a photo that inspired the poem or that enhances the poem. (The photo (.jpg) should also be the copyright of the Poet or a Free copyright). When the poetry (and optional photo .jpg) is published the Biography and Poet's URL or Contact Information (optional) will also be featured.

* The poetry should not have been published previously in hard copy or in an online journal. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, just let us know if you are being published somewhere else.

* The Poetry will be archived by Poet's name and Issue, when published.

* Please send all the requireds in the body of an email with attachment. There is no entry cost.

* You will only be contacted if your work is accepted for publication. If you do not hear from us in 3 months, you should send your submission to a different publisher.

* Renumeration: $10 per poem. To be paid in the month of their publication.


Art: Send a photo of your best original New Age Art Work. One creation will be featured on the masthead of each Poetry Issue. We are looking for New Age Art that is beautiful, yet compelling, tells the truth, yet creates mythologies.

* Please send a small Biography (75 words) and URL (optional), both will be published when accepted with the artwork as the masthead of that issue of Subterranean Blue Poetry.

* You will only be contacted if your work is accepted for publication.

* Please send .jpg. There is no entry cost.

* Renumeration: $20 per Masthead Art/Photo. To be Paid in the month of their publication.


Copyright: all poems/books/art/photo(.jpgs) must be the work of the Poet/author/artist. Any further use of the poem/art requires permission from the creator.

Subterranean Blue Poetry is at home
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